Mengatasi Masalah Local Administrator Account becomes the Domain Administrator Account

Saat membuat nama Domain di Domain Controller mendapati kesalahan berikut terkait password pada Local Administrator.

The Error Message:

Verification of prerequisites for Domain Controller promotion failed. The local Administrator account becomes the domain Administrator account when you create a new domain. The new domain cannot be created because the local Administrator account password does not meet requirements. Currently, a password is not required for the local Administrator account. We recommend that you use the net user command-line tool with the /passwordreq:yes option to require a password for this account before you create the new domain; otherwise, a password will not be required for the domain Administrator account.



  1. Buka Command Prompt sebagai administrator.
  2. Jalankan perintah: net user Administrator <Password> /passwordreq:yes

  3. Re-run the Prerequisites check and will now pass.LocalAdminPasswordIsRequired#3

4. Cara lain untuk setting password untuk Administrator. Klik Computer Managenment -> Local Users and Groups and click Administrator user dan klick Set Password.


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